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Top50vpn is helping you secure your privacy online by reviewing all the best VPN providers daily. To save your time & effort on searching for best VPNs, our expert reviewers have created a full VPN list of independent VPN guides & reviews. Find everything you need in one place and improve your online safety faster.

VPN Providers Privacy

How we test best VPN providers?

Feeling secure & confident online is something that everyone wants, yet it doesn’t come easy - there are many privacy risks for internet users. VPN providers aim to fight these risks & we strive to inform you about your security options by testing every VPN and giving you full VPN list. Our in-depth VPN testing process ensures honest results & insights. Here’s how we test VPN providers:

  • Purchase a subscription.
  • Install VPNs on multiple test devices.
  • Do VPN speed tests on different devices & locations.
  • Execute service satisfaction tests via Focus Groups.
  • Test IP, DNS & WebRTC leaks from extensions & apps.
  • Examine Torrenting, P2P & Tor services.
  • Check for possible Netflix blocks.
  • Analyze VPN’s data encryption & security features.
  • Test the customer support services.
  • Examine VPN companies logging policy & jurisdiction.
  • Analyze & compare pricing VS value ratio.
  • Score & rank VPNs with data science models.
  • Document in-depth VPN test results & reviews.

Full VPN Providers List

VPN providers have their own unique advantages & disadvantages, even though they serve the same purpose - to ensure your privacy online. Since internet users also have different needs, our team of cyber-security reviewers are testing & documenting various VPN providers on the daily. You can find all the security information in our thorough VPN list:

35 VPN Providers Reviews

Cyber-security is no joke & we, same as you, take it very seriously. That is why our VPN guide and reviews cover all the most important topics, so you wouldn’t need to look for information in a dozen different places. Save your time & ensure your online privacy by reading about best VPN providers.

22 Categories of VPN Providers

VPN providers can be categorized by many different aspects, you just have to decide what you’re looking for in a VPN. Do you need great speed, Netflix unblocking, or maybe you’re looking for the most secure VPN? Whatever the case is, our team has covered every VPN category that you need to know about. Here’s the VPN list:

Top VPN Providers security

28 Coupon Deal Pages of the Best VPN Providers

We have gathered all the best VPN coupon codes, sales & discounts in one place, for the top VPN providers. Take a look at our collection of the biggest VPN deals - it’s time to save loads on securing yourself online!

Best VPN Deals

3 Holiday Pages of the Top VPN Brands

29 In-Depth VPN Tutorials & How-to Guides

Check out our full collection of VPN guides made especially for you. Learn all about VPNs, online security & much more inside these in-depth VPN guides.

How to Choose the Best VPN Providers?

IP Leak Protection

IP Leak Protection

When choosing VPN providers, security is probably on top of your requirements' list. Naturally, VPNs are created to hide your real IP address so you would be able to browse privately without anyone’s prying eyes. Sadly, some VPNs fail to meet their purpose - they leak your IP address to the public. But don’t worry, we always do IP leakage tests for every VPN provider we review, so you wouldn’t need to learn it the hard way.

Kill switch

Kill Switch

While browsing, things might go wrong and you can lose your connection to the VPN. Either it happened because of the internet connection or the VPN itself, it’s really good to know that your privacy still remains safe. That’s what Kill Switches are for! It terminates the processes that were running before the connection goes down and keeps your info secure. Find out all about Kill Switches in our VPN reviews.

Logging policies

Logging Policies

Some VPN providers might keep you secure on the internet, but use your information for their own benefit. That happens when VPNs log your personal data, like browsing information, IP address, name, email, etc. VPN providers can sell your personal info to governments or third parties, so before choosing a VPN be sure to find out if it doesn’t log your data. We always cover this topic in our reviews.

VPN Speed


Using a VPN can have lots of advantages, especially when it comes to security. But one of the main disadvantages of many VPN providers - it usually slows down your internet speed. It’s not the end of the world, but since we work, play & communicate through our devices, speed is simply a must in most cases. That is why our expert reviewers have prepared a thorough VPN list of the fastest VPNs in the game.

Top VPN price


Price is usually a sensitive subject, but it’s one of the most important aspects when choosing almost anything, and VPN providers are no exception. A lot of people are willing to spend a lot on their security. Gladly, VPN is not a very expensive product, so you can usually feel safer online for a few dollars a month. But you have to bear in mind that the cheapest VPN providers doesn’t mean the best service quality!

Top VPN torrenting

Torrenting & Netflix

Since Netflix is putting a lot of effort into restricting certain location access to its content, finding a VPN that would unblock Netflix is really great. It’s not an easy task, but you can find the Netflix-unlocking VPN list here. Talking about torrenting, some VPNs work very well with it, too. Using VPN providers while you torrent can give you an extra layer of security. If you seek privacy, P2P sharing is perfect for you.