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The Problem

Even though review sites are meant to inform the users & help them decide which product is the best, a lot of them are not as genuine as they seem. Many websites, sadly, are paid to write good reviews about certain VPNs or change the current ones to make the product look better.

Another huge downside of current review sites is that they are often owned by VPN providers themselves. You may not even notice it easily, but actually, a lot of “best VPN” websites are owned by the same VPN providers as being reviewed, which means that the highest position may not be true and is not fact-based.

With all these malicious activities floating around, we are happy to say that Top50vpn is a completely reader supported & independently owned project.

Top50vpn is not getting paid for reviewing VPNs or changing the bad reviews already written. We stand behind our genuine opinions, even though some VPN providers may not like it.

TOP VPNs reviews author

Aaron aka Aaron “Small”

Expert Reviewer, Professional Chief Editor & Security Enthusiast

Aaron has 7 years of experience in journalism and analyzing the best VPNs. He masterfully handles the review process from start to finish. Aaron knows which features should the best VPNs have and easily puts his knowledge into understandable words for readers. He was quoted by IT journals. Get to know Aaron more here.

TOP VPNs reviews author

Laura M.

Senior Editor, VPN Security Journalist, Human Rights Activist

Laura has a degree in New Media Journalism & has been working as a professional editor for almost all of her professional career. She knows the deep waters of VPN internet security & is never afraid to dive even deeper. Her articles and columns can be seen in news outlets. Laura believes in complete online privacy and freedom of speech.

Benjamin L.

MIT professor - advisor

Due to his recognized academic background, Benjamin has a huge passion for IT security topic. Nevertheless, virtual private networks take a huge part of his interest, that is why he’s our team’s official advisor. Benjamin teaches ethical hacking & cybersecurity to the world brightest minds, so we are happy to have such brainpower helping us in the long testing and reviewing process.

Karl N.

Behaviourist, sociologist

Karl is an expert when it comes to analyzing human emotions, behavior & satisfaction. By using behaviorism methods, he can easily see the true colors behind every user experience tested & every opinion expressed. Karl organizes focus groups, in which real VPN users are observed and analyzed. He is also interested in UI & UX.

Zac M.

Data Scientist - analyst

Zac has a master's degree in data science and uses his impressive knowledge in the VPN testing process. He analyzes & aggregates tons of data, all for the most accurate VPN ratings & scores! Aside from analyzing metrics, Zac is passionate about experimenting with different algorithms and machine learning models.

Raina K.

Raina is a true cybersecurity activist - she has almost 7 years of experience in analyzing the ins and outs of virtual private networks. Her opinion is highly acclaimed in the cybersecurity community and she has been quoted by IT magazines worldwide. Raina plays a huge part in compiling our top-notch VPN reviews.

Frank V.

Frank is a very important part of our team - he can combine the genuine emotion of the user with a scientific explanation by using neuromarketing tools. That means he’s able to explain what the users feel while using different VPNs and why. According to his insights, we are able to create really accurate reviews which helps thousands of people. Frank has been working in this field for almost a decade!

You - the VPN user

Even though we have a lot of great minds & souls in :name team, your opinion is the most important factor. Real user feedback is a huge part of creating the best VPN reviews - we analyze hundreds of opinions & requests each day. We encourage and ask you to express your opinion freely - that’s what the Internet is for!