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Does ibVPN keep logs?

If you’re concerned about VPNs tracking your information, you can be calm about ibVPN - it does not log your personal data. ibVPN makes sure you are secured from prying eyes or any third parties that would want to buy your data. The only information that ibVPN keeps is your user account data.

What is ibVPN jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction is really important when it comes to VPNs. And talking about ibVPN, it’s located in Romania. What does that mean? Romania does not belong to the 5-eye, 9-eye or 14-eye countries. Thus, ibVPN is not obligated to disclose your personal information to any third parties, so you can feel completely safe.

Does ibVPN unblock Netflix?

If you want to access Netflix US content but it’s blocked in your region, you’ve come to the right place. After my research, I discovered that ibVPN can bypass Netflix’s ban on VPNs & can unlock the content you want with their designated servers. So if you’re looking for that kind of VPN, I encourage you to try ibVPN!

What is ibVPN speed?

Believe me, speed is important while choosing a VPN. Nobody wants their download or upload speed to be three times slower. That’s why I always carry-out speed tests for all VPNs & ibVPN is no exception. The test results - the download speed was 34,47 mbps & the upload was 23,60 mbps. The ping was not bad at all, but the download speed was lower than expected.

Is ibVPN safe?

We believe that every VPN should provide safety & security online. Afterall, that’s the main purpose of VPNs, right? Well, not all VPNs are really secure, that’s why it’s the very first thing we research. Talking about ibVPN, I can confirm that it’s safe - it offers great data encryption, it doesn’t log your information, doesn’t leak your IP address, is located in a completely safe jurisdiction & also has great speed. If that’s not safe, I don’t know what is!

What is ibVPN price?

The price plans of ibVPN are a bit different from other VPNs, but it’s still not expensive at all. Here is the pricing plan list:
- Standard VPN - $3,08 USD per month
- Ultimate VPN - $4,83 USD per month
- Torrent VPN - $3,08 USD per month
- IBDNS/Smart DNS VPN - $3,08 USD per month