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Does IPVanish VPN keep logs?

The issue of VPNs keeping logs is quite common and feared by most people. Of course, nobody wants their private information being tracked. But when it comes to IPVanish, you can relax - I tested this VPN myself and can honestly say it’s safe & doesn’t track your data, only the basic information for business, like your account info.

Can IPVanish VPN be used while torrenting?

Usually, VPNs are not compatible with Torrents, as they don’t want to have possible backlash. But luckily, a lot of VPNs understand that customers want to have that extra layer of security while torrenting. IPVanish is no exception - it allows anonymous torrenting & protects your identity, but you still have to remember the dangers that may occur while downloading unknown files.

Does IPVanish VPN unblock Netflix?

Luckily, it does, even though Netflix has been trying to decrease VPNs possibilities to unblock geo-restricted content. This fight against VPNs has actually been quite successful - a lot of VPNs don’t support Netflix anymore. But if you’re looking for ways to view US Netflix content - IPVanish can help you.

What is IPVanish VPN speed?

A lot of VPN users don’t take speed into account before purchasing a VPN & that’s a mistake. Later on they notice how their download & upload speeds has been decreased by a VPN. That’s why speed is important. Talking about IPVanish, the download speed was 51,74 mbps - still really fast & the upload was 72,68 mbps, which also surprised me. The ping was average, but still a little better than some VPNs!

Is IPVanish VPN safe?

IPVanish has everything a safe VPN should have: is located in a safe jurisdiction, doesn’t log your private information, has a kill switch, doesn’t leak your IP address & works with Torrents. All of these features are vital for a secure VPN & IPVanish easily falls into that category.

How much does IPVanish VPN cost?

Considering the medium VPN pricing, IPVanish cost can be quite high, but fair considering the quality. Here is the list of IPVanish pricing plans:
- 1 month- $10.00/mo
- 3 months - $8.99/mo
- 1 year - $3.24/mo