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Does Perfect Privacy VPN keep logs?

You should never trust VPNs that keep logs. Luckily, Perfect Privacy is not one them. I did a thorough research & discovered that this VPN does not keep track of your personal data. Only information that it tracks is very basic user account info that’s necessary to monitor user activity.

What is Perfect Privacy VPN jurisdiction?

If security is your biggest concern while choosing the best VPN, you’ll be happy to find out that Perfect Privacy VPN is located in Switzerland. Even though Switzerland belongs to the 5-Eyes jurisdiction, it’s considered to be one of the safest countries to establish a VPN in, because there you are going to be 100% safe from possible law enforcement meddling.

Does Perfect Privacy VPN unblock Netflix?

You can be sure that it does! Even though Netflix is trying to completely eliminate VPNs abilities to help people access geo-restricted content, some VPNs manage to bypass it. Perfect Privacy is one these VPNs. It has designated servers via which you can access any Netflix US content you want.

What is Perfect Privacy VPN speed?

If you think that speed is not important while choosing a VPN, think again. If you purchase a lousy & slow VPN, your internet speeds may decrease more than 3 times! Talking about Perfect Privacy VPN - the download speed was 40,25 mbps & the upload was 65,63 mbps. While the ping was not bad, the download speed was a bit lower than expected.

Is Perfect Privacy VPN safe?

My research revealed that Perfect Privacy is a safe VPN. It has all the security features you could ask for: it offers great data encryption, it doesn’t log your information, doesn’t leak your IP address & is located in a completely safe jurisdiction. Perfect Privacy VPN can truly stand among the ranks of other safest VPNs.

What is Perfect Privacy VPN price?

The most popular plan is the 12-month one & it costs $9,99 USD per month - that’s a pretty reasonable price! Here is the full price list:
24 months - $8,95 USD per month
12 months - $9,99 USD per month
1 month - $12,99 USD per month