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Currently, there are more than 300 VPN providers, however, a minority of them are completely free. Some VPNs offer free plans together with paid ones, other ones are created to be completely free for everyone. And, there are also free trials that many VPNs offer.

Today, I will go through the best free VPNs that have free plans or are created to be completely out of charge no questions asked. If you’re a light user, I believe you’ll find a VPN that will be good enough.

If you came to this tutorial searching for “best VPN free”, you came to the right place. I will quickly go through each of them to provide you with full knowledge and the best free VPN provider that you can get completely out of charge.

But if you’re looking for a high-quality VPN, it can be very difficult to find a free alternative, so, always consider paid VPNs.

1. Hostspot Shield - An Industry Veteran

Ranks #1 out of 6 VPNs

Let’s begin with the best free VPN - Hotspot Shield. It was first released as a free VPN in 2008 in California, the US. A little bit later it was split into free and paid (Hotspot Shield Elite) versions.

Now let’s see what one of the best free VPNs has to offer.

Since it’s the free version, you do not need to register or transfer money, so you stay completely anonymous. You can register only if you want to add multiple devices, otherwise, there’s no need.

Moving to zero logging policy, most free VPNs claim to keep up with it, but when you dive deeper into their policy, you can find information that completely contradicts their statement.

However, Hotspot Shield seems to have a solid zero logs policy, it replaces your real IP address with anonymous proxy IP address making it impossible to identify you as a person. 

Another reason why Hotspot Shield is the best free VPN is that it allows torrenting. Since it uses AES-256 encryption, which is the best on the market (so far), it gives you full protection.

What is more, even if you do not get unlimited data, it gives you more than most of the free VPN providers - 500MB per day, making it the best free VPN. Also, it’s quite fast. The average download speed, when I connected through Hotspot Shield to the US server, was 56.90Mbps.

I can say those are pretty amazing results, might be one of the fastest if you'd consider the fact that I'm connecting from the different place of the world. 

One more thing, Hotspot Shield is not only the best free alternative, but it’s also the best free unlimited VPN since it’s the only one that gives you an infinite number of devices that you can connect to.

However, there’s another side to it. While using the free version you won’t be able to unblock Netflix and will be able to connect only to the US server. Later in this tutorial, you will see that none of the best free VPNs are capable to unblock Netflix.

Therefore, even if Hotspot Shield free VPN has limitations, each of the free providers has them, yet it’s the best out of charge alternative you can get at the moment.

Visit Hotspot Shield
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2. Windscribe - A 10GB Data Bandwidth Cap

Ranks #2 out of 6 VPNs

Even though many reviewers distinguish WindscribeVPN as the best free VPN, I placed it in second place. Windscribe is a Canadian VPN provider, established in 2015 which offers both free and paid plans. It comes with a reasonable 10GB bandwidth cap.

Windscribe gives you 2GB per month, but you can easily get 10GB by providing your email address (less than the best free VPN - Hotspot Shield, which offers about 15 GB). The main problem with free VPNs is that they won’t give you enough data to use day-by-day.

You can use Windscribe for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Furthermore, when testing the speed, it came out with the download speed of 63.52Mbps when connected to the EU server, which you probably know are amazing results! So, if it was the fastest free VPN listing, the numbering would be different.

Now, let me add some extra features that Windscirbe has. It uses AES-256 encryption standard and IPsec/IKEv2, OpenVPN protocols.

It has a quite good no logging policy and stores only minimal data. Windscribe collects only includes megabyte bandwidth and timestamp of your last activity using Windscribe. No other data is collected - you’re safe.

What is more, many free VPN providers leak your IP or DNS address, however, Windscribe is not one of them.

Unlike other free VPNs, it has a firewall that blocks any activity happening outside the connection of their servers. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t unblock Netflix, just like the majority of good free VPN providers.

Visit Windscribe
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3. ProtonVPN - Unlimited Bandwidth

Ranks #3 out of 6 VPNs

ProtonVPN is managed by a Swiss company, it was created in 2014. ProtonVPN has four plans to choose from: Free, Basic, Plus, Visionary. Unfortunately, its free plan is very restrictive, proving you only 3 countries, 1 device connectivity and slow speed. So, as always free users are at the bottom list and get limited features.

Let’s move to better news, one of the reasons why ProtonVPN is in the “best free VPN” list, is its no logging policy. The only data that ProtonVPN logs are a single timestamp of your account’s most recent login just to make sure that you’re the person who’s signing in.

What is more, it uses the best encryption on the market AES-256, which is similar to other VPNs in the “best free VPN” list. So, even if it’s a common feature, I still identify it as a major advantage. The most surprising point is that ProtonVPN offers unlimited data bandwidth, making it one of the best free unlimited VPN providers.

The reason why I cannot give the best free VPN name to ProtonVPN is that it doesn’t work with Netflix and doesn’t give you P2P support. Now, the majority of users, among which there’s probably you too,  are looking for a top VPN provider that would offer both Netflix and torrenting. Moreover, it’s quite slow, when testing average download speed, results showed only about 20Mbps.

Therefore, ProtonVPN is the best option if you’re looking for unlimited data bandwidth.

Visit ProtonVPN
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4. Speedify - Very Fast

Ranks #4 out of 6 VPNs

Speedify is Philadelphia-based VPN service provider, established only in 2014. Considering the fact that they’re quite young, Speedify's number of servers grows rapidly. At the moment it offers more than 200 servers in 50 locations. Since free plans usually have restrictions, I was surprised to see that Speedify allows both free and paid users to access any of the servers, so it’s one of the best free unlimited VPN providers considering servers.

The only and largely noticeable difference is that the free version gives you data limit of 5GB per month, which is not enough for active users.

Let’s move to the most important aspect of every top free VPN provider - security measurements. Speedify protects users’ data with 256-bit ChaCha encryption, however, if a device you’re using has integrated AES hardware encryption, then it uses AES-256 encryption instead.

One of the strongest Speedify's sides is their app, which is one of the best you get to see, there’s even your current speed and data flow graph included.

Another exceptional feature, which was the reason I added Speedify to “the best free VPN list” is that it combines two Internet connections, boosting your speed! That’s where their name came from, it all makes sense now, don’t you think? Therefore, even though every VPN provider that I analyzed before (and, trust me, the number goes way up) slows down your Internet experience, Speedify works the other way around. My average download speed went all the way up to 77.88Mbps!

But, it’s not like everything is perfect. If it would be, then I’d consider Speedify the best VPN, now it’s in the fourth place making it a good free VPN.

Speedify claims to have zero logging policy and even puts emphasis on that fact. But when looking into their logging policy, it seems their collecting a bunch of your personal information. So, either there’s something I don’t understand or there’s something really wrong with their logging policy.

As I tested Netflix and torrenting, I was quite disappointed with the results. Sadly, but you won’t unblock Netflix using Speedify (no surprise since none of the top free VPN providers do). Now, torrenting is allowed, but it is limited and you don’t get to choose which server to use, you’re simply assigned to one.

What is more, when testing IP and DNS, I detected DNS leaks, which is one of the biggest concerns that not only free but also some paid VPNs have.

Visit Speedify
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5. - Good Speed

Ranks #5 out of 6 VPNs

I’m getting to the end of the best free VPN services reviews. The time has come to look into the To no one's surprise, it’s another VPN provider that offers both free and paid plans. It was established in 2012 and based in Malaysia.

One of the strongest features that got the into “the best free VPN service” list is their reputable logging policy. None of the information collected by the can threaten to reveal your identity, even your email address is encrypted. uses the strongest security on the market AES-256 (and so does every provider on the best free VPN service list). offers more than 55 servers to choose from for a free user, which is much more than the majority of free services provide you with. It works with torrenting but, unfortunately, does not unblock Netflix. When testing download speed, it came out delivering pretty solid results - 61.22 Mbps.

Therefore, it’s a good free VPN but not the best on the market.

...or read our review

6. TunnelBear - Stable and Secure

Ranks #6 out of 6 VPNs

It’s time to go through the last best free VPN on the list. TunnelBear has the most attractive interface I’ve seen so far. But let’s not get into that and go through the technical details. TunnelBear is based in Toronto, Canada, it was established in 2011.

In 2018, it was acquired by McAfee, the software security company.

If you were searching for “the best VPN free”, TunnelBear is not the best option but it does have some great qualities.

First of all, it does have a strict no logging policy. It won’t collect any of the data related to your IP address, DNS Queries or anything that you’re using while connected to TunnelBear.

Another point that matters is IP and DNS leaks. TunnelBear came out delivering squeaky-clean results.

What is more, TunnelBear uses the IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN protocols. You will be able to choose from 1,700 servers in 20 different countries, which is a significant number compared to other free providers. And, it uses AES-256 data encryption standard - the best on the market.

The last thing that I would like to add is that TunnelBear similar to other free providers won’t work with Netflix, however, it does allow torrenting.

Therefore, that was the last free VPN that I wanted to introduce you with, so let’s move to the very end.

Visit TunnelBear
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Conclusion and Recommendations

I’ve already told you at the very beginning of this review that free VPNs have some major restrictions. You probably noticed that every free VPN gives you different features, some of them have unlimited data bandwidth, others give you only 1GB/ per month.

None of the best free VPNs unblock Netflix and some of them won't even allow torrenting. What is more, you usually get a smaller number of servers to choose from than paid VPNs can give you and most commonly you can connect a single device, only Hotspot Shield offers an unlimited number.

My advice would be to choose paid VPNs and pay for your safety. Of course, you probably wouldn’t be here if you were looking for pricey VPN, so the last advice that I can give you is to simply distinguish features that you need the most and choose VPN accordingly.

If you care about the bandwidth, choose ProtonVPN, if you want more servers, then consider Speedify, and if you’re looking for a good free VPN in general, then think about Hotspot Shield.

For those who typed best VPN free in Google window, I hope you found what you were looking for.

But, all in all, I would recommend you to look into our best providers that are almost free- NordVPN and CyberGhost. 

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Is VPN legal & safe?

VPNs are totally legal, well, at least in 97% of the world. Some countries only allow government-approved VPNs, like: China, Iran, Oman, Russia, Turkey & United Arab Emirates.
Nonetheless, it’s completely legal in most countries. Usually, top VPN providers are really safe too, but to make sure, look for the information logging & DNS leak topics in our best VPN reviews. If the provider of your interest logs your personal data & doesn’t pass the DNS leakage test, you should look for a more safer VPN.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

What top VPNs do is mask your real IP address to hide your current location. If the VPN has great quality, it won’t leak or log your personal information. You can freely roam around the internet not having to worry about the exposure of your privacy and information. Also, you can access geo-blocked content on Netflix, or other censored types of information. A VPN can also give you an extra layer of safety for Peer-to-Peer sharing function while using torrents. Every VPN has different pros and cons, so be sure to check them in our in-depth best VPN reviews.

Can I use VPN for torrenting?

Yes, you definitely can (and you should!). Best VPNs usually offer safe P2P file sharing option, which means that while torrenting, you are connected to Peer-to-Peer file sharing in order to download really fast. If the VPN doesn’t shy away from using torrents, it will secure your connection from other people using the same connection. If you want to find out which top VPNs allow torrenting, check our thorough VPN reviews.

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We strive to be as reliable as possible & we are not competing with anyone. Top50vpn goal is to provide readers with the most insightful & helpful information. That’s why our VPN review process is more thorough than anyone else’s - we use a lot of different testing methods as well as the brainpower of true professionals. We do not take money for writing reviews or changing them. Also, all the user reviews you see on the site are genuine, which may not be the case with other review sites. To put it simply, we take more time to test & review top rated VPNs - that’s why you get unique insights from us on a daily basis.

Can VPNs be used to unblock content?

Yes, it can. The most popular content platform for top VPNs to unblock is Netflix. Even though it’s available almost everywhere, USA users have a much bigger content variety. That’s why a lot of people use VPNs to view that kind of content via USA-located servers. If the content you want to view is geo-blocked, you can look up which servers (in which regions) the top VPN providers possess and which ones are right for you. You can easily find this information for each best VPN service in our VPN reviews.

How do you decide which provider offers the best VPN?

Deciding which provider has the top VPN is not an easy task, but it sure is fun! We have a dedicated team of professionals who test each VPN from start to finish, measuring all of the most important features. We buy all the VPNs ourselves, use machine learning & data science algorithms, get opinions from hundreds of real users, MIT professors, internet security experts and more. The top VPN services are decided by measuring all these important metrics, and never by the request of the providers.