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Does Private Internet Access keep logs?

No, it does not. You would think that customer privacy should be a natural for VPNs, but that’s not always the case & a lot of VPNs actually do track user data. Fortunately, PIA only keeps logs of primary information necessary for proper business flow & transactions.

What is Private Internet Access jurisdiction?

As I did a thorough research on Private Internet Access, now I know that PIA is located in the US. This is not the best, because the US is where the 5-eye surveillance alliance was established. What does that mean? You personal data may be shared with third parties & governmental agencies, if they’re interested.

Does Private Internet Access unblock Netflix?

It sure does! PIA is one of a few VPNs that were not affected by Netflix efforts to minimize VPNs usage for unlocking geo-restricted content. Private Internet Access is truly an exception, but only with some designated servers who can help you access locked Netflix US content.

What is Private Internet Access speed?

VPN speed is more important than you think, especially since it might affect your overall online activity. To give you the most accurate insights, I have performed a PIA speed test & the results were quite good. The download speed was really fast - 72,72 mbps & the upload was 87,86 mbps, which was also not bad. The ping speed was also quite high, especially compared to other VPNs.

Is Private Internet Access safe?

Yes, it seems so. Safety is one of the most important qualities a VPN should have. It’s also really important to us while testing. After I’ve done the research, I’ve discovered that PIA has all you need: it doesn’t log you information, is located in a safe jurisdiction, doesn’t leak your IP & has great data encryption. Compared to other VPNs, PIA is really secure!

What is Private Internet Access price?

If you were to purchase their most popular 2-year plan, you would have to pay $3,49 USD per month. That’s not much at all! The whole pricing list is, as follows:
- 24 months - $3,49 USD per month
- 12 months - $5,99 USD per month
- 1 month - $9,95 USD per month